Our Practices

Our aim is to restore the health and beauty of a sorely neglected patch of land just east of Austin, Texas. We are striving to create natural systems that are resilient in the face of both short and long-term climatic variance as well as cycles of pests and disease on the farm. A series of berms and swales have been installed to allow the best usage of the water that falls onto the farm and improve plant and animal wellbeing.

In order to have a varied and consistent workflow and availability of food, we are creating a balance between annual and perennial agriculture. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides and are currently in the process of organic certification. Our goal is to increase the health of our overall system, which will ultimately foster this balance while reducing our pest pressure.

The vision of the farm is to include both wild and cultivated spaces to ensure that there is diverse habitat increasing the overall fertility of the system. In addition to hand weeding and mechanical cultivation we are using organic mulches and reusable landscape cloth to control weeds. We do selectively allow weed growth in certain spaces of the farm where they are beneficial as cover crops, seed crops, or wild harvested food plants.