Damon is available for private consults throughout the year. His specialties include the design and creation of appropriately sized covered growing spaces as well as evaluating and designing nutrient flows within a system.

He has nearly two decades worth of agricultural experience and has a passion for constructing covered growing spaces from 10 sq. feet to 1500 sq. feet. He is highly skilled at establishing gardens that are productive and low input.




What can I do for you?

  • Design a garden space that is beautiful as well as productive and includes annuals and perennials.
  • Evaluate the space you have available and design and facilitate the construction of a covered growing space that will best support your individual growing needs.
  • Reduce your family‚Äôs carbon footprint by designing a garden plan to increase the fertility and health of your soil and managing organic material inputs and outputs.

For new gardeners

  • Discuss the first steps towards creating a more sustainable, healthful landscape that achieves your goals (or start by clarifying your goals).
  • Establish a composting system that is easy and clean.